Newsletter #3
Summer 2022


First General Assembly

In May the project had its first in-person meeting in Helsinki!

After a year of remote working, it was a fantastic opportunity to share the work being done by all the partners, and make exciting plans for the future.

Big thank you to VTT for hosting a great meeting!
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Greece site visit

In May project partner PANOimagen traveled to Greece to install sensors in Dimitra's peach orchards.

This set of soil and ambient sensors - measuring ambient temperature, humidity, CO₂, barometric pressure, solar irradiation, soil moisture, conductivity, and temperature - will provide data as the project continues the development of its digital twins.
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Further collaboration

BBTWINS has been further collaborating with model2bio to help promote the work being done to make the agri-food industry more sustainable. 

We interviewed model2bio's project coordinator, Tamara Fernández-Arévalo to learn more about their work.
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Digital fruit ripening

Ripening is key to keeping fruit tasty, juicy, and lasting longer. Project coordinator CTIC-CITA is using hyperspectral imaging will allow us to monitor continuously how the ripening process evolves in storage chambers under a controlled atmosphere to choose how and when to best sell produce.

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Greenfest 2022

In May project partner CVR attended Braga Greenfest 2022 with the central theme of the regenerative circular economy and nature-based solutions.

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This May project partner Dimitra attended Freskon 2022 – an international trade show for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

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Agri-food Value Chain Digitalisation for Resource Efficiency
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