Digital Twin Transitions in Agri-Food

15 May 2024

Join the BBTWINS project for an enlightening webinar May 15 from 10-11am CET, as we delve into the transformative potential of digital twins within the agri-food sector.

As the agriculture industry evolves to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, digital twin technology offers a sustainable path forward, mitigating climate-wrought risk through optimising and increasing the efficiency of agricultural processes.

Speakers include:

  • Daniel de la Puente Ranea, Head of EU Projects, CNTA
  • Rebeca Martínez de Laguna Marquínez, R&D Engineer, PANOimagen
  • Israel Serrano, Founder of StelvioTech
  • José Mª Alonso Rodríguez (Cacho), Innovation Coordinator, SOLTEC Ingenieros SL

Presentations followed with Q&A and discussion: 

AI-driven digital solutions addressing real-world challenges in the agri-food sector
Rebeca Martínez de Laguna Marquínez, R&D Engineer | PANOimagen
Problem Solving
To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of process modeling and logistics in the agrifood sector through advanced data analysis and the application of AI.
Added Value to Industry and Society
To significantly improve decision-making and operational efficiency by integrating sensor technology and AI-driven predictive models in pork and fruit value chains, coupled with a centralized data management system in a data lake.

PANOimagen offers valuable insights into companies' value chains, offering early and precise information that facilitates continuous improvement and cost reduction.

“We will be presenting PANOimagen's developments on AI algorithms using deep learning for the agricultural sector. We provide insightful process monitoring using advanced sensors and Artificial Intelligence, both within production plants and on the field.”

Verification of sustainability and traceability through blockchain technology
Israel Serrano, CEO & Founder | StelvioTech
Problem Solving
Developing and implementing a blockchain network to improve traceability in the agrifood supply chain, enhancing transparency and efficiency from farm to fork.
Added Value to Industry and Society
The successful deployment of a blockchain for tracing products and biomass within the agrifood sector and the creation of a demonstrator platform for meat and fruit traceability, which aligns with the European Union's strategic goals.

CEO and founder of StelvioTech , which has created the Boostainability Platform aiming to boost sustainable practices in the AgriFood sector. Israel holds and Engineer degree in Telefommunications and a EMBA.

“I am an experienced IT and Consulting certified professional (ITIL, SaFE, Agile, Blockchain, Design Thinking), with more than 28 years of diversified and global experience in Digital Transformation, Consulting and Application Delivery, across Europe, Africa and Asia.”

Implementing a digital twin tool to enhance decision-making in agri-food value chains
José Mª Alonso Rodríguez (Cacho), Innovation Coordinator | SOLTEC Ingenieros
Problem Solving
Design and development of a software tool that uses Lean methodology and 3D simulation technology (Digital Twin) to simulate and correlate processes, aimed at enhancing decision-making in business operations.
Added Value to Industry and Society
Successfully designed and analyzed a Digital Twin, integrating advanced AI-supported models into a user-friendly interface for simulation, thereby facilitating more informed and efficient decision-making processes in industry settings.

“SOLTEC engineers will present come functionalities of the BBTWINS digital twin toolbox, which we have been developing throughout the project. These functionalities, integrating developments from different project partners, support decision making along the value chain, both from a daily operational point of view, and from a more strategic point of view with time simulations of months or even years, linking different stages of the value chain, with their relationships, conditions and restrictions, and implications for optimising resources along the value chain.”