Our work

BBTWINS has a duration of 4 years and a strategic workplan with solid methodology to accomplish the objectives.

Work plan

Work Package 1

Data collection, sensorisation & data modeling

The aim of WP1 is to gather all the data necessary to feed the main modules of the BBTWINS in a data lake, to feed process modelling, strategic and operational logistics, blockchain and creation of a digital twin. The information gathered on this stage will be crucial to achieve the project’s main goals.

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Work Package 2

Feedstock optimisation for bio-based operations

WP2 optimizes the feedstock for Bio-based operations. To this end, the main objective of this WP is to study, both alone and in combination, several innovative technologies that will lead to an efficient and cost-effective optimization.

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Work Package 3

Process modeling (feedstock for bio-based operations and logistic optimisation)

The main objective of this WP is the mathematical modelling of the processes (thermal, industrial, logistic, and feedstock optimization) of the value chains. Data collected in WP1 and WP2 allows the disposal of enough data for the correct deployment of the models and the tasks within WP3. The mathematical models of the processes then allows their subsequent optimisation in WP5.

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Work Package 4

Blockchain implementation for value chain traceability

WP4 implements a Blockchain network for supply chain traceability, in which the relevant identified data is uploaded, with respect to the traceability of products and residual biomass. This allows data to be exchanged between them in a safe, transparent, and reliable way throughout the value chain.

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Work Package 5

Digital twin implementation

In WP5, the BBTWINS Digital Twin is developed, both from a productive point of view and from its interrelations with other areas such as crops/ farming or logistics, having as its guiding principle the recovery of by-products and waste.

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Work Package 6

Digital tools and biomass treatment processes validation in agri-food use cases

The main goal of WP6 is to match agri-food value chain specific requirements to the capabilities of the BBTWINS digital tools developed, and to verify in the field the data expected by the prediction techniques proposed in WPs 1-5.

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Work Package 7

LCA & Project impact assessment

WP7 aims to measure and ensure the greatest environmental and economic impact of the project’s proposed products and processes by considering a lifecycle approach to quantify and direct the project developments.

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Work Package 8

Communication and Dissemination

The purpose of the WP8 is to advance and enhance the impact and results of BBTWINS project around Europe and beyond.

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Work Package 9

Project management

This WP aims to adequately coordinate and organise the project at a strategic level, ensuring: project follow-up (project progress control and planning); continuous update of the project status to the commission officers; decision-making procedures and suitable project administration.

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