Digital twins benefit people, planet, and business

José María Alonso, Head of Research and Development at Soltec Ingenieros and Daniel Prieto, Co-founder/CEO of Norlean, present their proprietary digital twin cloud platform NOA and explain how the combination of new technologies are enabling companies to take decisions and make predictions that benefit people, planet and profit.

Valorising waste through digitalisation

Jorge Araújo from the Centre for Waste Valorisation (CVR), explains how their research on valorising waste from the BBTWINS case studies opens the way for food value chains to become resource-efficient and circular.

Digitalisation for more efficient supply chains

Annelies de Meyer and Ruben Guisson from VITO discuss the implications of increased digitalisation on logistics and supply chains.

Digital twins bridge bioeconomy and agri-food sectors

Toni Lastusilta from VTT explains how they are using their expertise in mathematical modelling to help develop digital twins that can optimise agri-food value chains.

Year 1 Progress Update

Work is well underway to developing our digital twins for two use cases in the agri-food sector!

Increasing traceability in food production with digital twins

Sergio Ramos from Portesa discusses how digitalisation is integral to the future of food industries.

How digital twins are reshaping food industries

Learn from BBTWINS Project Coordinator Daniel de la Puente from CTIC-CITA about how the project’s digital twins can help reshape food industries.

Introduction to BBTWINS - Agri-food Value Chain Digitalisation for Resource Efficiency

Learn more about our new Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking-funded project. Work has already begun on the project, working to increase resource efficiency across the agri-food sector.